Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Winter Year 1 and Spring Year 2 - part 1

Winter is when armies in a Lost Valley campaign can muster new troops, depending on how many territories they own. The Undead have their castle, village, farm and the bridge meaning they can hire 900 points of new troops. The elves have their castle, village and farm giving them 850 points of new guys. I decided no new heroes could be hired, just troops. The undead got 15 more zombies to bring their total up to 60. 30 skeletons with spears, 20 ghouls, one tough skeleton and two (surprisingly expensive) bat swarms. The elves enlisted 28 new spearmen, 16 archers, 10 sea guard and 2 knights. The armies are now quite large and will fight on in the spring.

The undead right flank, bat swarm in the foreground.
Spring, year 2 (part 1).

Elf archers, because S4 elf bows are fun!
The entire battlefield. The elven farm in the foreground.
The building in the distance is the illusion that stymied the zombies,
Nozalor the Mages favourite trick.
Nagashor the mighty level 4 necromancer started things off by summoning a skeleton major hero and advancing his undead horde. The archers and the elven sea guard shot each bat swarm to pieces, making Nagashor think he wasted all the effort he put in to acquiring them! The elven mage summoned an illusionary building before the zombies of the right flank, halting their progress. The ghouls charged the elven spearmen, crashing into their lines. The left flank zombies attempted to charge Telor on his hippogriff but failed, ending up confused. The skeleton unit with Nagashor at its head charged the other unit of spearelves, causing them to flee, but the elven knights held firm. The skeletons then pushed back the knights but they held firm. The ghouls fought their foes to a standstill. Nagashor decided to cast Aura of Invulnerability on himself. This level 4 spell meant he could ignore the next 4 wounds from any non-magical weapon. Considering he hasn't yet received a wound in this campaign, that might be overkill. But who's going to argue with a maniac who summons dead people? On the last turn I played today, the elven knights were routed, the hippogriff routed the zombies and the ghouls managed to rout their spear elf foes thanks to extra causalties caused by their deadly venom. And that's all I had time for tonight. More to follow.