Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lost Valley - Summer, Year 1

Abandoned farm in the background next to a field.
Since the elves won the last battle, the campaign pushes up into the undead half of the valley, and the battle will be fought around an abandoned farm. The undead advanced, hoping to use the farm to guard their left flank. Nagashor summoned a Skeleton Major Hero to give his zombie unit some much needed punch. Nozalor the elf mage created an illusory building in front of the smaller zombie unit, keeping the stupid creatures from advancing.   Nagashor then summoned 12 ghouls to help in the advance. The zombies and spear elves met in the center, with the zombies getting pushed back. To add insult to injury, Nozalor cast two fireballs into the ghouls, which caused them to panic and flee so far across the table that by the time they rallied they were too far away to have any effect on the battle. However, in the next turn the zombies, along with their skeleton hero, routed the elves who began to flee, only to be saved at the last moment by Nozalor casting a Hold Flight spell. He thanked the gods that he'd learned that spell from his old master. Nagashor, not to be outdone in the magic department, summoned a huge unit of 25 skeletons. Telor on his hippogriff attacked and routed a unit of zombies that was skulking about the rear, but played no other part in the battle. In the end the summoned skeleton unit routed the elves, winning the battle for the undead. The causalties  of the battle were as follows: Eight elves lost permanently. As they routed off the table instead of an ordinary retreat they lost 50% of their number, leaving only eight elves for the next battle. Five zombies were permanently destroyed, leaving 40. The undead successfully pushed the elves back out of their territory, meaning the next battle will occur back at the bridge. Unfortunately for the necromancer, all of his summoned creatures crumbled to dust after the battle.