Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Battle for the Bridge to Nowhere

From the south: Vlad on Zombie Dragon, two units
of thirty skeletons and 20 ghouls.
From the North: 12 archers
with a level 4 wizard and major hero,
5 Dragon Princes and Telor atop his Griffon.
A road from nowhere in particular to someplace else, probably the middle of nowhere. A nameless bridge over a river with no name. And two armies ready to kick butt! It's warhammer time. This is a 2000 point battle, second edition style. The zombie dragon is my own stats, scaled down from the nearly invincible monster in the battle bestiary. The elves spent most of their points on a level 4 wizard and two major heroes. Caradryan, a hero, has an amazing Sword of Magic Absorbtion that not only eliminates any spells cast at his unit, but powers up his attacks by up to +4 to hit and to-wound! No ones going to be casting spells at that unit, you can count on that. I rolled for magic weapons randomnly, including Vlads sword of Breathe Underwater. What, people in the 80's would pay points for that? Might come in handy if his dragon dies and lands in the river...;)

The Game Begins: The elven wizard casts cause instability on a unit of skellies - 2 are absorbed back into the Flux. Vlad then charged Telor, and fought a ferocious battle for several turns. Fights take a long time with matched Ws, needing 5's for a hit. The dragon princes (also my own stats) charged across the bridge at the skeletons, but had to narrow their frontage to make it across. This meant less attacks and a draw against the skellies. On the next undead turn instability struck the army! The spear armed skeletons lost all substance and were removed from the table. The other skeleton unit was luckier and simply lost 6 figures. Vlad atop his zombie dragon routed Telor on his griffon and chased him off the table. Vlad then summoned a new unit of 20 skeletons right behind the elven archers. The archers were unphased and shot at the ghouls, killing six of them and causing the rest to panic. Lomsec the elven wizard cast cause instability at the summoned skeletons, but they resisted, even with their meager will power. The summoned skeletons charged the elven archers, lost three to defensive fire and scored a draw in the subsequent combat. In the game winning move, Vlad and his Zombie dragon charged the Dragon Princes in the rear and killed all 5 of them at once. Then things looked like this:
Blue Elven archers on the left fight skeletons to their
front, and are about to be charged by ghouls from the
rear. The huge, triumphant zombie dragon perches on
the bridge, hungry for more elves.
With only 1 elf unit left, things looked pretty hopeless so the surviving elven heroes did the only sensible thing and ran away. But at least they got a good story out of it.