Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring, Year 2, Part 2

The battle continues. Telor on his hippogriff routed his zombie foes off the table. A unit of Spear elfs routs off the table, as do the knights and the other unit of spear elfs. Telor sees the writing on the wall and orders the musicians to sound the retreat. The seaguard leave the battlefield in good order. Nozalor, embedded with the archers, creates an illusory building in front of the skeleton unit to buy the archers enough time to retreat in good order. This is important in the a Lost Valley campaign, because anyone who retreats in good order can be used in the next game, but troops who rout in panic lose 50% causalties permanently. Having done what he could, Telor flew away, already planning the defence of the elf village next in line down the valley.

Causalties: The undead lost 8 zombies completely dead, 1 ghoul, and five wounds of bat swarms (swarms are 10 wounds each). The elves fared worse because most of their units routed: 16 spear elves and 1 knight permanently lost. But the seaguard and archers escaped without harm, except possibly to their pride.

The archers march off in good order. In the background
is the illusionary building that delayed the skeletons.
The next battle is slated to take place at the elf village as the victorious undead push further and further down the valley.