Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lost Valley, Year 1, Autumn

After the last undead victory, the next battle takes place over the bridge.
Two units of 20 zombies with Nagashor in the far unit.
8 Spearelves, Nozalor the wizard and Telor upon his hippogriff, with the bridge in the distance.
How fast can zombies run anyway?
Nagashor orders the advance across the river towards the elves. The elven mage stays at a distance tossing fireballs at the zombies and frying many. Nagashor summons a major skeleton hero into his own unit. The elves stay put on the edge of the batttlefield until the zombie units have crossed the river. Telor charges one unit, while the spearelves charge another but come up short, leaving them confused and vulnerable. Telor upon his hippogriff routs his zombie opponents and pursues them off the table, while the other zombies charge the spearelves and send them fleeing. Nagashor also summons a skeleton minor hero into his unit. The stage was then set for the final showdown, Telor vs. Nagashor and his zombies.

Telor charged in and issued a challenge. The summoned skeleton major hero responded and they fought for two rounds. Telor lost both rounds, and on the second his hippogriff was nearly killed. So he fled the battlefield, leaving the undead the victors.

This ends the first year of the Lost Valley campaign. Over the winter each side can recruit certain points values of troops based on the territories they control. The undead have a slight edge because they own the bridge, but the elves will still be able to put a fighting force into the field come spring. I think I like this campaign system!