Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lost Valley Campaign II - The Elves Strike Back

100 Years have passed since Telor the elf fled the sack of castle Hawkzen, letting his comrades die horrible deaths at the undead hands of Nagashors undead army. But much has changed in the past century. Telor got a job bussing tables at the roughest elven tavern in Lothern (so rough that elves sometimes forget to prance about), worked his way to manager, then became leader of an army. Now he seeks to reconquer the Lost Valley for the elves, and his own honour.

Nagashor ruled his Lost Valley for many decades. He taught a promising pupil named Yohan everything he knew about necromancy, but closely guarded the secrets of rug-hooking. Eventually Yohan used his necromancy to slay Nagashor, but never learned how to make a single stitch on a rug.

The Armies
Elves - Telor with Sword of Multiple Toughness Gain (+2 wounds), on a Hippogriff. Lomsec the Level 2 wizard. 16 Elven spearmen, 4 elven archers who skirmish.
Telor, Sir Fly-Away
Lomsec with his Skirmishing Archers. They REALLY know how to prance. 

Yohan the Unpleasant with his mega-sword of Leadership Drain, Multiple Attacks Gain (+3) and Sleep Attack (send a foe within 4" to sleep). He leads 32 zombies, with the ability to summon more skeletons that he can use in future battles.

Yohan the Unpleasant with his Horde of Bad Hygiene.

First Battle - The Bridge of Destiny!