Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Battle of Nurfalor Village

Ignatius the Necromancer summoned his horde to fight Goroth the Chaos Lord for control of Nurfalor village, and its vast treasures of bouncy balls and plaid ribbons.

The Undead: Ignatius Level 3 necromancer, 15 Skeleton Minor Heroes, 30 Skeletons and 20 Ghouls. Versus:

Chaos: Major Chaos Hero Goroth, Azgul the level 2 wizard, 12 goblins led by no less then three minor goblin heroes (forced to take part by the threat of a mighty Wedgy of Khorne), and ten chaos warriors, who in second edition have 2 attacks and two wounds. Nasty! 1000 points a side.

Ghouls, skeletons, skeleton heroes.
Goblins with 3 heroes, chaos warriors with major hero and wizard.

The yellow pawns mark faded units - no attacks!
Chaos warriors fleeing ghouls.
Azgul the chaos wizard casts cause frenzy on his unit of chaos warriors. Frenzy makes you charge heedlessly, and get double attacks, but even if you want frenzy you still have to fail a Cool test, not likely with a Cool of 10! Ignatius then cast Hand of death on himself. Should he enter melee, any hits would become wounds automatically. Azgul cast a lightning bolt killing 3 skeletons. Ignatius raised a unit of 16 skeletons. The goblins manage to pass their fear test and charge the summoned skeletons, a minor miracle. Must have been worried about the Khorne wedgy, or worse, the Spicy Chili of Nurgle. The goblins even pushed the skeletons back. Then a game changing disaster struck: Instability! Every undead unit had to roll for a random and probably bad result: The unit of skeleton heroes AND the unit of skeletons faded from reality, leaving only their images behind. No attacks allowed, effectively useless for the rest of the game.  But the luck wasn't all one sided as the ghouls charged the chaos warriors who failed a fear test on a roll of 12 (only needed a 10) and ran. Ignatius summoned a unit of 27 skeletons that fought and routed the goblins. His next spell raised 27 zombies. The chaos warriors rallied, then failed their cool test and became frenzied! They charged the zombies and caused 20 wounds, and made the rest of the zombies flee. They then lost frenzy, and the ghouls and remaining skeletons charged them. A hard fight followed, but the ghouls ran at the first sign of trouble and the skeletons were slowly ground to dust. Victory to the forces of Chaos. The unhappy village of Nurfalor becomes a dreaded Chaos stronghold. The end.

P.S. It was fun to play a one off battle with different forces after my campaign ended.